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Where You Can Receive The Best Garage Door Repair in Wills Point, TX

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Where You Can Receive The Best Garage Door Repair in Wills Point, TX

What’s better than a simplified process for garage door repair in Wills Point, TX? When you’re met with nothing short of long-lasting solutions and high quality, small-town company! Thanks to our local team of garage door professionals, we’re ready for any repair, replacement, or installation in the Bluebird Capital of Texas. We’ll make sure you receive the best garage door service near you!

Get To Know Our #1 Garage Door Repair in The Bluebird Capital of Texas

Garage door spring replacements are one of the most common garage door repairs in Wills Point, TX. Typical residential springs last about 10,000 cycles, which roughly equates to 7-12 years, depending on how often you open and close your garage door. However, homeowners who use their garage as a main entrance to their home may notice their springs wearing out faster. 

The quality of operation for your garage door is entirely dependent on the garage door springs, considering springs hold the garage door’s weight each time it’s used. 

Signs Your Garage Door Springs Need Service:

Schedule us for fast garage door spring replacement when you notice the following:

  • You notice your garage door moving slowly
  • You notice your garage door opens at a slant
  • You see gaps in your spring coils
  • You hear a loud snap 
  • Your garage door slams shut

Tanners Garage Door: A Garage Door Company That Cares

Tanners Garage Door is a local service company that cares about the communities needing garage door repair in Wills Point, TX and beyond. Providing our valued customers with professional garage door service that stands out and leaves a lasting impression is what we’re all about. Make us your #1 choice for garage door repair in Wills Point, TX. 

See the difference a family-owned business that genuinely cares about your garage door needs can make! We treat you like family when you call us for garage door repair, installation, or maintenance

Learn more from our About page and our Garage Door Blog for the best treatment you can receive with our family-values, community-driven, industry experience, and business integrity.

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Can I repair a garage door myself?

Whatever malfunction your garage door is facing, don’t attempt to fix the problem yourself. Let the professionals at Tanners Garage Door thoroughly inspect your garage door and safely resolve the issue.

Why is DIY garage door repair in Wills Point, TX dangerous?

DIY garage door repair in Wills Point, TX or anywhere on the map is highly ill-advised for a few reasons:

a. Garage doors are massive and heavy. If an important component in charge of keeping your garage door on track breaks, and is in a lifted position, you run the high risk of the garage door collapsing on you or your property. 
b. There are professionals to work on garage door systems because they are trained to specifically identify an imbalanced garage door, or underlying issues with the operating system. If you repair only one side of the garage door, it will cause a severe imbalance, and spur more frequent repairs.
c. Garage doors are quite a complicated blend of mechanical and electrical systems to the untrained eye. DIY repair will not only lead to frequent visits to a number of hardware stores, but costly frequent repairs at that! 
d. Attempting garage door repair yourself will void any product warranties for your door or garage door opener. Please get in touch with Tanners Garage Door instead to help save you time and money.

Read about ways we take out any need for DIY garage door repair on our Garage Door Blog

How often should my garage door be seen by a professional?

We recommend scheduling a yearly garage door tune-up with our trained technicians. As a preventative maintenance service, our team is highly trained to detect even the slightest issues with garage door systems, so they can be dealt with prior to turning into major repairs. Schedule garage door maintenance near you today! 

It’s okay if you can’t rule out exactly why your garage door isn’t opening. You have Tanners Garage Door! Contact us right away if you ruled out your garage door springs, garage door cables, or garage door opener being the reason why your garage door isn’t opening. Do not attempt to take on full garage door repair DIY style! If you’ve followed this article by safely inspecting your garage door, you’ve done your part from home. Tanners Garage Door is available for garage door service appointments when you call us at (469) 345-6270 or for more information.

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