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Own the Value of a New Garage Door Opener

We offer garage door opener installation to ensure your entire garage system is set for longer wear and tear. We all expect durability from our garage door, but technological advancements and improvements add safety, security, and convenience to our everyday lives. A newer, upgraded garage door opener will add ease and overall value to your entire garage door system. The benefits of owning a fully-functioning garage door opener are endless!

Tanners Garage Door didn’t invent the first opener, but we’ve perfected the process of installation, and the value of a fully functioning garage door opener in the Forney, TX and Dallas, TX area. Schedule a garage door opener installation appointment with our veteran-owned and operated company today!

Benefits of a High-Quality Garage Door Opener

Convenience with automatic opening and closing, improved security for your home, and enhanced safety features are all benefits of a high quality garage door opener. If your existing garage door opener is past the point of repair, don’t wait on upgrading your entire system. If you plan to sell your home, potential buyers will look for reliability from the garage space. Increase your property value and protect your home from the harsh outdoor elements with a new garage door opener installation. 

Benefit from a high-quality garage door opener with Tanners Garage Door in Forney, TX and secure your door without hesitation or worry with our garage door opener installation.

Ready for Garage Door Opener Installation?

Pick out your desired garage door opener type, or learn more about the various builds before you choose one for your garage door opener installation. Feel free to reach out to Tanners Garage Door for help on a build type based on your budget and preferences.


A chain drive garage door opener operates on a rail and trolley with a metal chain. Chain-drive openers tend to last a longer amount of time due to its simplistic mechanical parts.

Direct drive

An alternative to the noisier chain-drive counterpart, a direct drive opener uses a stationary chain while the motor moves along it. This results in an ultra quiet operation. Ask us if we have a direct drive utilizing a belt in stock!


Rather than rattling metal, this type of opener runs on a rubber belt, creating minimal vibrations for a smooth, almost silent garage door operation. With a belt drive garage door opener, you also cut down on potential repairs and maintenance costs because its design allows for many years of durability.

Wall Mount

This kind of opener frees up ceiling space because it’s installed beside the garage door. Wall mount garage door openers attach directly to the garage door springs, and are designed to be stronger and more durable if you own double doors or heavier doors. 

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Call Tanners Garage Door for Same-Day Installation!

With a range of durable and smart openers available from LiftMaster, Genie, and Sommer, contact us for a swift and hassle-free install! With so many options for types of garage doors, there are many options for a personalized garage door opener installation experience. Our veteran-owned and family-oriented team of garage door experts in Forney, TX will efficiently assess your system with a compatible garage door opener. No longer be on the fence about upgrading your garage door system with some frequently asked questions about our garage door opener installation service below. 

What level of horsepower should I look for in a new garage door opener?

When should I invest in a new garage door opener?

What are the additional safety features that a new garage door opener would have?

Honest, punctual, friendly, fair price, quality work……enough said!!

Sammy D.

Can’t speak highly enough about the great Levi Tanner. One of my garage door panels broke around 10:00pm. He answered FB message THAT NIGHT!! was at my house at 0800 and door was installed Saturday afternoon. Honest, punctual, friendly, fair price, quality work……enough said!!

Very professional installation job by Levi Tanner.

Mike U.

Very professional installation job by Levi Tanner. Door looks great. Going to replace the single car door next. Highly recommended Tanner Garage Doors.

Thank you again Tanners Garage Doors.

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Levi was very respectful and kind. I would definitely recommend Tannners Garage Door and use their services in the future. He’s not the type of person that is going to take your money and not finish the job. Thank you again Tanners Garage Doors.