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The Best Garage Door Opener Repair in Forney, TX at Your Service

Garage door openers are an integral part of the garage door system. Keep the brain behind your garage door system healthy with our affordable garage door opener service! Without a functioning garage door opener, the garage door wouldn’t be able to open or close. A garage door opener can last around ten years with proper upkeep and maintenance. With the combination of time and frequent use, you may eventually need to call us for garage door opener repair in Forney, TX.

We can repair and maintain any garage door opener, regardless of brand or age. Get a free quote from our veteran-owned and operated local experts today!

Before You Call Us For Garage Door Opener Repair, Try This!

When a garage door opener malfunctions, it may cause the overhead door to move extremely slowly, make grinding noises, or stop moving altogether. If this happens, we encourage you to reset your system by pulling the cord hanging from the opener. You can also replace remote batteries and ensure your safety sensors are operational. If you’re unsuccessful, contact our team for garage door opener repair! We’ll thoroughly check the opener for issues. 

Without a garage door opener, the only way to open a garage door would be manually. We know this isn’t ideal for safety or convenience, so immediately contact us for garage door opener repair if you notice the following:

  • The garage door isn’t responding to the remote or wall switch.
  • The garage door opens and closes too slowly.
  • The garage door opens partially and then reverses direction.
  • The garage door shakes during operation.
  • Your garage door opener shakes during operation.
  • You hear loud, unusual noises coming from your garage door opener. 

If it’s able to be repaired, we’re ready to do the job, but there may be times when it’s wiser to invest in a new garage door opener.

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What garage door opener brands do you work with?

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How often should I have a maintenance check on my garage door opener?

Garage Door Opener Installation

We partner with LiftMaster, Sommer, and Genie to provide you with the best garage door openers on the market. We offer a wide range of compatible openers for reliable and seamless garage door opener installation in Forney, TX and the surrounding DFW area. Investing in a new opener can greatly increase the convenience of your door system, allowing your garage door to move faster and more efficiently. You’ll find that smart garage door openers are now available, which offer connectivity to smartphones and adds security features to your garage. Many new openers on the market also feature LED lighting and motion-detecting sensors.

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LiftMaster’s Belt Drive Opener
Sommer’s EVO+ model
Genie Wall Mount Opener
Genie’s Wall Mount Opener

We highly recommend LiftMaster, Sommer, and Genie openers for new garage door opener installations, but we are trained and qualified to service any brand of opener. If you’re ready for a replacement garage door opener, contact your local garage door company: Tanners Garage Door

Schedule Garage Door Opener Repair With Tanners Garage Door As Your #1 Choice!

We work hard to be your number one choice for garage door opener repair in Forney, TX! We work with industry-leading brands so your garage door service lasts. Please refer to our service areas for quick garage door opener repair when you need it most. 

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