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If your garage door is stuck, you most likely have an issue with your garage door opener or a broken garage door spring. Tanners Garage Door recommends having one of our professionals come out and inspect your garage door for any problems.

Garage doors need to be replaced every 15 to 30 years. If your garage door has any signs of sagging or bending, it may be time for it to be replaced. Your garage door system can begin to degrade over time due to constant wear and tear.

Belt drive garage door openers are typically the quietest on the market. Belt-driven openers produce far less noise than chain drive openers, but recent advancements in garage door opener technology have improved noise levels across the board.

Never attempt to replace your garage door springs by yourself. Broken garage door springs hold a lot of tension from lifting the door. If you attempt garage door spring replacement without any training, they may snap back and injure you or cause worse damage to your garage door system.

Your keypad’s batteries may be dead if it’s not working. If your keypad isn’t working after replacing the battery, you most likely have an issue with your garage door opener. This may be an electrical or mechanical issue and will require a professional to perform garage door opener repair or replacement.

Garage doors that make a lot of noise are a common occurrence due to wear and tear. The most common cause of squeaking and creaking in older doors is worn-out garage door springs, rollers, and tracks. When one of our technicians comes to perform garage door maintenance, we’ll make sure to lubricate all the hardware components for smooth gliding and less friction.

Garage door installation is a highly technical undertaking that needs specialized equipment and expertise. As a result, employing a professional garage door installer provides not only high-quality work but also a safe and proper installation. Torsion springs, for example, can cause injury if they release enough stress. Expert overhead door installers are trained in garage door installation and can have your new door up much faster with less trouble. Contact us to get started!

Garage doors are made of aluminum, steel, wood, or glass. Each of these materials has pros and cons and won’t all work for every home. If you’re interested in learning more about our garage door types, one of our garage door specialists would be happy to explain each in full detail.

This is dependent on the extent of the damage to your garage door. If the damage to the door isn’t limited to just the panel, replacing the entire door may be a more cost-effective option. Tanners Garage Door can perform garage door panel replacement based on the damage to your overhead door. 

If you have a low ceiling, jackshaft or wall mount garage door openers are what you need. These garage door openers are placed on the wall next to the garage door rather than overhead on the ceiling.