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When To Call A Garage Door Professional

If your garage door breaks down or malfunctions in any way, you’ll have the thought, “Can I fix this myself?” Tanners Garage Door wants to encourage safe garage door operation well beyond our DFW Metroplex service area. We’ve laid out four common garage door repair scenarios every garage door owner has had, or will eventually face. This blog will instruct you when it’s time to put down the power tools, and call a garage door professional.

First and foremost, we applaud your willingness and intention for paying attention to the signs that your garage door needs repair. Either you notice:

  • Your garage door is slanted.
  • There is rusting and/or separation between the coils of your garage door springs.
  • A hinge, screw, cable, or spring has become loose or lost tension.
  • Your garage door has become unreliable.

As a homeowner, you may have had problems with your plumbing and air, all of which belong to professionals in their respective fields who will help you resolve those problems. Luckily, it’s not all about throwing away your existing garage door system for all new parts like a newer HVAC system or a new sink, which would tank the hopes of saving money. So, how does paying for a garage door professional help save you money?

Our garage door repair professionals help you save time and money on repeat appointments and frustration with an overall unreliable garage door system. If any of the following four scenarios identify the current state of your garage door, it’s time to call a garage door professional.

DIY garage door repair

1. You notice your garage door opens at an angle.

We commonly get calls for off-track garage door repair after a garage door spring gives way, or a minor driveway accident. If either has occurred, you will appreciate the level of balance that your garage door needs for sufficient daily operation. Contact Tanners Garage Door for off-track garage door repair. This is not the time to stand on ladders and realign your door yourself. Our technicians are able to readjust the roller back inside the garage door track. 

On the other hand, a slanted garage door could signify a broken garage door spring. Request emergency garage door spring replacement if you’ve heard a loud popping sound, or if you sense that your garage door threatens to collapse. 

inside of residential garage door

It is good practice to inspect your garage door any chance you get so you’re able to identify where your garage door might need repair or eventual replacement. If your garage door is noisier than usual, and you notice a hinge, screw, roller, cable, or garage door spring is what’s causing the racket, this is most likely because that part has become loose. We don’t advise you to retighten these parts yourself for a few reasons: 

a.) You could overcorrect a part that would cause damage to adjacent parts 

b.) Every component is connected, either directly or indirectly, working with each other

c.) The component in question has worked away its last cycle

d.) There are additional parts and components at play that need immediate replacement

e.) Your garage door threatens to collapse

Please note: Do not attempt to readjust your garage door springs in any way. Garage door springs are held under an extreme amount of tension. Trying to tamper with them or being at eye level to garage door springs that need repair is extremely hazardous. With any question concerning your springs, please don’t hesitate to call us for emergency garage door spring replacement.

local garage door repair company

4. You see a “simple” garage door repair kit at your local hardware store.

It’s okay if you can’t rule out exactly why your garage door isn’t opening. You have Tanners Garage Door! Contact us right away if you ruled out your garage door springs, garage door cables, or garage door opener being the reason why your garage door isn’t opening. Do not attempt to take on full garage door repair DIY style! If you’ve followed this article by safely inspecting your garage door, you’ve done your part from home. Tanners Garage Door is available for garage door service appointments when you call us at (469) 345-6270 or for more information.

Why Calling For A Local Professional is Best

Before attempting DIY garage door repair, allow an expert to intervene. Our garage door professionals at Tanners Garage Door already have all the parts to repair or replace the component in question. We are trained and certified to know how to replace a garage door opener and install a new garage door.

Tanners Garage Door is local to the entire DFW Metroplex, where we only offer honest garage door services to help our service areas with a longer-lasting garage door– and a safer one at that– while simultaneously educating customers on why our garage door service matters. Don’t get stuck with a broken garage door, call for a professional instead.

garage door repair professional

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