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Offering Same-Day Garage Door Repair Service in Forney, TX!

Our team proudly offers garage door repair to Forney, TX, and the surrounding areas including Mesquite, Rockwall, Terrell, Sunnyvale, Garland, Dallas, and Heath! When your garage door malfunctions, we’re ready to step in with our thorough garage door repair services.

When garage door issues arise, it’s important to schedule emergency garage door service quickly. If you delay door repairs, it’s likely that other garage door hardware will be negatively affected, leading to costly repairs. When you call our team for garage door repair, you can count on us to safely restore your garage door back to pristine condition.

We Replace Broken Garage Door Springs! 

Garage door spring replacement is an important part of our job as technicians. Garage door springs undergo intense wear and tear, which limits their lifetime. The standard torsion spring has an average lifespan of 10-15,000 cycles, which usually translates to 7-10 years. How often you use your garage door will influence how long the springs last.

When your spring does break, it’s important that you let the professionals at Tanners Garage Door handle your garage door spring replacement. It’s always dangerous replacing broken garage door springs, but our technicians are well-trained to handle this garage repair safely and efficiently. 

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Need Garage Door Cable Replacement? 

Cables are another important component of garage door hardware. It’s common for garage door cables to become loose and fall off their drums. When this occurs, it will cause extra stress to accumulate on the springs. Our technicians will go in to reattach the cables, and if replacement cables are needed, we’ll provide them. While this door repair may seem easy, it’s actually as dangerous as garage door spring repair. Cables carry tension just like springs, which is why we recommend that you don’t touch them. They can cause severe injury, so schedule garage door cable replacement with Tanners Garage Door

Damaged Sections & Garage Door Panel Replacement

Have you noticed some significant energy loss? This may have to do with your uneven, or slanted garage door! Any worn, cracked, or damaged sections affects the quality of your garage door. Our veteran-owned and operated team can replace your panels, and restore the security and integrity of your Forney, TX garage. Garage door panel replacement is a much more affordable option rather than a whole new replacement.

Oftentimes, you will know immediately if you need garage door repair in Forney, TX, and other times it takes an expert to identify why your overhead door is no longer reliable. If you detect any of these common garage door scenarios, or the issue you are experiencing with your garage door is not listed above, call our team right away! Waiting on your garage door to return back to normal will just ensue further damage. Let our veteran-owned and operated garage door repair team ultimately help you save money, and restore your garage door today!

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Excellent service, Will definitely use Levi again and recommend his services to my friends and clients. Thanks for the prompt response!!

Extremely nice, honest and goes above and beyond what anyone else in the area is doing.

Jason B.

I could not recommend Tanner’s Garage Door more! I called them when potentially buying a new home in Forney and they offered to come look at the garage for free (I declined cause I would’ve hated to have them come out and then me not but the home). I ended up buying the home and called them once we closed to get a quote. While explaining my garage door issue, Tanners again offered to come look at it for free. After explaining my issue (track bowed and one wheel off the track) Tanners walked me through a potential fix while on the phone and low and behold it worked! Extremely nice, honest and goes above and beyond what anyone else in the area is doing. If you have garage issues, call Tanners!

Completed work the same day!

Chase F.

Tanners Garage Door came out in a super timely manner, to look at a broken garage door spring, and completed work the same day. Would highly recommend!