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Having a malfunctioning garage door can be dangerous. If the spring, cable, or opener suddenly breaks, these parts could cause serious injury to anyone standing beneath the door, including family members or pets. Our garage door maintenance service includes a thorough check of critical garage door parts and ensuring that the automatic reverse safety system is functioning properly. It is important to prioritize annual garage door service to keep your loved ones safe in the garage.

It’s beneficial to spend a small fee on annual maintenance for your garage door, so it can save you a lot of money in the long run on sudden garage door repairs. During a garage door maintenance appointment, your technician will check for small damages that can be easily repaired before they turn into bigger issues. Additionally, they will lubricate and tighten all the parts of your garage door system to prevent any unnecessary stress on individual parts.

It’s a good idea to schedule a short maintenance appointment for your garage door during your free time. This will help you prevent the inconvenience of a broken garage door one day when you’re in a hurry. When you know that your garage door system is working perfectly, you won’t have to worry about getting stuck in your garage unexpectedly.

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To extend the lifespan of your garage door and have it running more quietly, we recommend investing in annual garage door maintenance near Forney, TX, and the surrounding areas. Having a reliable, well-functioning garage door will give you peace of mind that your family is safe and your home is secure. When you’re ready to schedule this important garage door service, call Tanners Garage Door. We offer on-time, efficient garage door maintenance near you to ensure your overhead door functions at its best.

Garage door hardware, including springs, cables, rollers, and drums, can experience rust and wear due to constant use. To ensure optimal functionality, these parts need to be cleaned, tightened, and lubricated regularly. If they become rusted and worn out, they will likely produce unusual and grinding noises when the garage door moves. However, keeping these parts tightened and lubricated is a simple step that can significantly improve the functionality of your garage door in the long run.

For the safety of all, it is crucial that all garage door components are functioning correctly. One of the most critical components is the auto-reverse safety sensor. These sensors are installed near the floor on both sides of the garage door, preventing the door from closing if anything is underneath it. Since children and pets often enter the garage, it is imperative to ensure that these sensors are working consistently. We will test these sensors to confirm that they are working correctly to provide a safe garage.

Garage door springs and cables hold a significant amount of tension to support the weight of your overhead door. It is essential to maintain a proper balance when the garage door moves to ensure everyone’s safety in the garage. If not, it could cause the door to slam shut or put too much stress on the garage door opener. Tanners Garage Door completes a door balance test to ensure the garage door is moving properly. If not, we’ll reset it and make sure the rollers are on track.

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I could not recommend Tanner’s Garage Door more! I called them when potentially buying a new home in Forney and they offered to come look at the garage for free (I declined cause I would’ve hated to have them come out and then me not but the home). I ended up buying the home and called them once we closed to get a quote. While explaining my garage door issue, Tanners again offered to come look at it for free. After explaining my issue (track bowed and one wheel off the track) Tanners walked me through a potential fix while on the phone and low and behold it worked! Extremely nice, honest and goes above and beyond what anyone else in the area is doing. If you have garage issues, call Tanners!

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