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In order to prevent additional damage to your garage door system, it is important to stop using the door immediately if you sense there is a problem. Continuing to use your overhead door could cause further strain and could lead to additional parts breaking down. Contact us right away, and we’ll determine the best course of action for your garage door service in Highland Park, TX. 

Any aging or faulty garage door cables may cause the garage door to refuse to open upon command. An unbalanced garage door often results in some slack on either side, and this results in a cable falling loose. Our technicians are trained to work with any kind of garage door to correctly identify whether your garage door cables have fallen off their drums.

We’ll have your garage door functioning properly in no time!

Garage Door Maintenance

The best and most fool-proof way to ensure your garage door lasts longer is garage door maintenance. Your garage door and the sum of its parts need a professional safety inspection and balance test to make sure they last for years. We offer comprehensive system inspections and tune-ups near Highland Park, TX and the surrounding areas.

Avoid emergency repairs, and book garage door maintenance with Tanners Garage Door today!

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We’re so glad you found our local garage door service in Highland, TX! Our local garage door company has served the community since 2006, and we work hard as a power couple doubling as a dependable solutions and service company near Highland Park, TX.

If you’re reading this, take this as your cue to schedule garage door repair, maintenance, or replacement from our veteran-owned and operated business in the DFW Metroplex area.

New Garage Door in Highland Park, TX

How can I tell if I need a total garage door replacement or a panel replacement?

If only 1-2 panels on your garage door show signs of damage, such as denting, warping, or rusting, consider a garage door panel replacement. However, a garage door replacement might be a better option if there are numerous issues with your entire door, such as screeching noises, jerky operation, and an overall worn-down appearance. 

If you’re in doubt, contact Tanners Garage Door near Highland Park, TX, and we will inspect your garage door and make a recommendation based on our findings! 

How do I know that my garage door sensors are no longer working?

Why is my garage door coming up at an angle?