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When you’re busy working the daily grind or enjoying the outdoor commodities that our grand state has to offer, garage door service in Allen, TX is perhaps the furthest thing from your mind. But what if you’re unable to continue through your day with a broken garage door?

Tanners Garage Door is owned and operated by a hard-working husband and wife duo whose passion is helping others through the security and efficiency of essential garage door service in Allen, TX. Among numerous service areas, Allen, TX is no exception to the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex area. When your garage door has aged to be unreliable, or you suspect a faulty garage door component, you need efficient garage door service near you!

Due to their size and weight, garage doors are potentially dangerous for home and business owners. That’s why professional garage door service in Allen, TX is so important to us. A worn-out opener or snapped garage door cable can cause serious problems to the largest moving door in your home. 

A quality garage door opener will offer modern safety and security features to mitigate risks of injury or damage. See below for the most essential safety and security features that you should look for in modern garage door openers:

garage door service Allen, TX

Laser sensors are installed on the sides of the garage door that recognize objects or movement under the garage door. Movement in front of the sensors will ultimately stop the garage door from opening or closing. 

Automatic Reversing System- Instead of acting like an at-home guillotine, the garage door will automatically reverse if it hits an object. 

Rolling Code Security Technology- As an advanced option, you can choose a new, unique code with each use of your garage door opener and protect your home from intruders. Your smartphone can also sync up to your smart opener, so your phone can act like another remote!

A battery backup is an alternative energy source that your opener can resort to instead of being stuck in a locked-in or out situation. 

Manual Release- Modern garage door openers are also equipped with a manual mode. This allows homeowners to open a garage door manually during a power outage.

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Is your garage door’s age showing? Enlist Tanners Garage Door for any garage door repair services to restore your system to optimal performance. If a component is past the point of repair, we will make sure your operating system is returned to brand new condition. Garage door service in Allen, TX is just a phone call away, or you can simply request our professional repair and installation services on our online contact form

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